Trash Knight Facts
Q. Who needs a Trash Knight™ and what can they protect?
A. The Trash Knight was originally designed in 2006 to keep animals out of residential garbage cans and facilitate easier movement to the curb for garbage service pick-up, but its applications are numerous. Any material that can be stored in a trash can to keep it away from animals or weather and/or needs to be mobile is well served by a Trash Knight. The following is a condensed list of users, uses and materials:
1) Commercial and residential garbage, recycling and yard waste.
2) Residential and commercial protection and mobility of grounds maintenance products- seed, fertilizer, manure, etc.. Units can be configured to carry yard maintenance tools (shovels, rakes, etc.)
3) Ranch, stable and equestrian center protection/mobility of livestock feed, supplements, licks, manure, veterinary supplies, shoeing tools, fence repair, temporary fencing, etc. (distribute sweet cob and grain to the horses with a Trash Knight behind an ATV or bolt a single can unit to the chicken coop). Units can be configured to carry shovels, rakes, brushes, hoof picks, toolboxes, a single hay bale, etc..
4) Outdoor public or employee rest/break area garbage and recycling.
5) Commercial and residential marina/ boat dock garbage and recycling. Units can be mounted over the water to conserve valuable dock space.
6) Private and public country club and golf course garbage and recycling. Our mobility features allow the reorganization of storage assets when the time comes for a banquet, party or wedding.
7) Residential and commercial entertainment. Move garbage, recycling, iced drinks, keg beer, etc. for large gatherings.
8) Residential and public beach and park garbage and recycling.
Q. What configuration is right for me- fixed, rolling, or towable?
A. Fixed 32 gallon units are for small residential properties which don’t require can movement, i.e., the trash man picks up the garbage from the location where it is stored in the yard.  They are also used in any situation, commercial or residential, where mobility is undesirable. In areas without bears, they can be bolted to nearly any flat surface or post mounted. All single can units are designed to be fixed.
Rolling units sit on high quality casters, with fixed wheels on one end and swivel wheels on the other. They have stainless steel brakes on the swivel side with a plastic actuation paddle for safe, easy use. They are perfect in residential use to keep next to the garage for daily use. Simply unlock the brakes and roll your unit to the curb on ‘trash night’. Used in commercial roles, they can be placed around a facility as needed and redistributed easily for events that require multiple garbage/recycling storage assets closer to a common area. An example would be a wedding or banquet at a country club. Given smooth pathways, this configuration can also be the basis for a landscaping cart with optional yard tool holders.
Towable units are the big work saver. Residentially, they are designed for customers who have long and/or rough driveways. Simply pull the retractable hidden towing tongue out from under the unit and drop it on the hitch ball of your car, truck, SUV, garden tractor, ATV, etc., and tow the Trash Knight out to the curb without having to lift heavy/smelly cans into the back of a truck or SUV. They also provide a much easier way to distribute animal feed supplements in a large stable or equestrian center environment via ATV. Commercially, towable units efficiently move trash, recycling, and groundskeeping products and tools. For large properties, golf courses, etc., this configuration can also be built with optional yard/garden tool holders.  Our flat-proof tires will never let you down.
Q. What are the differences between Premium, Standard and Unprotected units?
A. Our Premium units have a handy and fast spring-loaded stainless steel latch, operated by the hand that opens the unit. Our Standard units use a simple pin that must be pulled before opening- they are slightly less convenient and slower to use (by about 2 seconds), but just as strong and more cost effective. Our Unprotected units do not have hinged steel lids at all, and provide protection only from the knocking over of cans by dogs. They work great for entertaining also. All of the above are available in Fixed, Rolling, or Towable configurations.
Q. What trash can does the Trash Knight™ use?
A. Our products are designed for the Rubbermaid BRUTE™ 32 gallon trash can. Offered at about $30.00 at big box stores, we know of many that have been in use for over 15 years. The standard of the hard-use landscaping industry, they are nearly indestructible.
Q. What color will my Trash Knight™ be?
A. Powdercoated bronze. This is a very durable electrostatically applied, oven baked finish. With green cans, the units are colored like a tree and blend in well with homes, yards, most businesses, etc.. With grey cans, they look handsome, but more industrial. Grey and green are the can colors you will find at Home Depot™, but other colors can be ordered in black, white, yellow, blue and red. Our products can also be galvanized at additional expense for use at beaches, ocean-side docks and other more extreme locations. Powdercoating has a life expectancy of 5 plus years (with 10 not uncommon) and galvanizing is usually quoted as 25-75 years, depending upon environment.
Q. How durable is the Trash Knight™?
A. Very. They are made of MIG welded .090 wall mild steel with .120 wall hinges and hinge bushings, 250lb. capacity greaseable ball-bearing casters with plated, galvanized or stainless steel hardware. Each rolling unit has a capacity of over 800 lbs. Designed for commercial or residential use, the hinged lids will withstand many thousands of cycles. Latches are easy-use spring loaded stainless steel.
 Many of the three year old units in my area(mountainous, snowy, rainy) still look like the day I delivered them, as long as they haven’t been rolled too many times by the bears, which sometimes scratches them. We do not bill our units as ‘bear-proof’, but they have managed to be for over three years (as of 6-30-12) through hundreds of attempted entries. In a three week period in May/June 2012 alone, my personal three can Premium unit was hit over twenty times without effect. There have been three exceptions to the above: two cans have had the sides bitten through by enormous bears, and one unit was forced open. We design the stainless steel latch rod on the Premium model (a ten dollar part) to fail so that the units are not destroyed if forced, and the bent rod was repaired in seconds with a wrench. There was no other damage.
The secret to the bear-resistance of our product is its light weight and the fact that the cans spin in the units when pawed at. They are barrel-rolled, bitten and stomped on with great regularity, and although they are designed to fail in a specific place, only one out of hundreds has, as leverage against the unit is so difficult to attain. Many customers claim that bears in more heavily populated areas learn quickly to go to the neighbors unprotected trash cans. The three incidents discussed above happened in more remote areas.
Our Premium and Standard units are canine, feline, raccoon, opossum, feral hog, rodent and bird proof.
Q. Will the refuse service still pick up my trash?
A. I have a letter of approval from the service in my area and don’t see why yours would refuse it. It takes far less time for the trash man to open the Trash Knight™ than the individual lids, and they don’t have to pick up spilled garbage. There is no downside for them.
Q. Is the Trash Knight™ an environmentally responsible product?
A. Yes it is. Bears and other animals can be very secretive and often consume your trash away from the can site. We regularly see acres of trash strewn forest surrounding some of our neighborhood subdivisions. Our products keep America beautiful.
Our unusable steel cutoffs and scraps are recycled or used for sculpture, and powdercoating is a very ‘green’ coating process. Applied dry and baked to flow over the steel structure, it produces no overspray and zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere.
Q. $400.00 for a trash cart?
A. For what it is and does, the Trash Knight™ is priced very well. A two can Premium unit costs the same as eight lineal feet of the three foot high steel fencing that would be built to surround a deck.
Q. Can you provide custom work?
Yes, within reason. We welcome the different uses for the Trash Knight that our clientele come up with. We can provide garden tool holders to convert units to multiple can landscaping carts, hay bale racks to hold a bale next to a two can unit for easy feeding of the horses, mounting surface specific brackets to bolt some of our units to boat docks, etc.. Just ask, and we will try to accommodate your needs.
Some of the things that we will not do include making your towable unit highway legal and building units for use with trash cans other than the Rubbermaid BRUTE™.
Q. Will the automated truck pick my cans off the Trash Knight96?
A. No. Your cans must be unloaded from the cart via the ramp and spread apart the recommended distance- usually 18-24 inches.
Q. Can I manually pull my 96 gallon unit down my short, but rough driveway?
A. Yes, but it can be quite a workout. We usually recommend that if your driveway is not very close to flat and smooth, that you tow your unit if at all possible. We would never want anyone to purchase a unit that didn’t make life significantly easier. It only takes a minute to hitch up.
Q. My driveway is very rough/rutted. What should I order?
A. We should talk about it. Our normal 96 gallon unit is set up to flat tow, with heavy duty steerable casters in the front and fixed ones in the rear. This works great on smooth or slightly bumpy gravel drives. If your driveway is really bad, we may need to build you a rigid tongue unit so that the front wheels are off the ground. This will cost a bit more and require a small trailer jack to be mounted on the front of the unit to aid in lifting it onto your hitch ball.
Q. I have full size 96 gallon yard waste and recycling cans, but a smaller garbage can. Will it still work?
A. Yes. The 96 gallon units are designed to fit a wide range of cans, but some folks have smaller units mixed in with bigger ones. All has worked well in our testing by putting the smaller can in the middle, or in the case of a two can unit, the smaller can in front. If for some reason this does not work, we can figure it out.
Q. How fast can I tow my Trash Knight96?
A. We generally recommend walking speed. Slightly faster for smooth surfaces, slightly slower for rough.
Q. Do I park my 96 gallon unit on the right or left side of my house?
A. All of our units are ambidextrous. They can be assembled with the pull handle or towing tongue and the steering casters and fixed casters on either end. When you choose the location for your unit, the ramp should be closest to the house and the handle or tongue toward the street so that it can be loaded from the correct side and pulled straight to the curb.
Q. Do I take my cans off the Trash Knight when it is in the yard?
A. The 96 gallon unit is designed to be used with the cans sitting on it. The only time you need to unload the cans is when you take them to the curb.
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